Blue Springs Is Growing

In Chamber by Saralee Rhoads

Attending a Chamber luncheon is an eye opening experience. Meet some of the friendliest folks in town and learn valuable information. The October luncheon featured a talk by Tom Cole, Director of Community and Economic Development for the city of Blue Springs. Members got a bird’s eye view of the city’s expansion.

You may think the Department of Economic Development just concerns itself with licensing, zoning, and building inspections. Those job labels prove misleading. The charisma of its leader channels through the department and companies looking for a home make valuable friends. Tom and his staff are the first to welcome new businesses to town.

New businesses bring jobs, a flow of cash, and provide interest to the residents. Instead of driving to a nearby mall or to the Plaza, we can find everything we need right here and revenue stays here as well. That revenue provides funding for our infrastructure and builds the city. We’re fortunate to have a team welcoming new blood to our community.

Why do new businesses choose to grow here in Blue Springs? Our award-winning schools make new hires easy. Our residential areas provide homes for all kinds of employees, whether they want to rent or buy, live in a more private setting or in the heart of town. Our property rental rates are reasonable. We offer lots of variable commerce. And don’t forget our parks. Our parks are legendary, as Tom pointed out.

Every business moving to Blue Springs begins with a dream. It has a story, and each story is unique. The stories are woven into the mesh of Blue Springs and the result is a diverse economy with something for everyone.

New commercial parks like White Oak Plaza, Mill Creek Business Park, the Mall at Fall Creek and Sunset Plaza are being revitalized. Building and new business growth along the Adams Dairy Parkway continues to thrive. Look for favorites like Old Navy and Discover Vision. Two microbreweries, East 40 Brewery and Wind Shift Brewing, have moved to town. New jobs and new services are sprouting up like spring after a rain. That’s good for all of us.