Make the Most (sales) of December

In Chamber by Saralee Rhoads

Our church adopts families every December, and I’m on the hunt for a hotly contested wish for a teenager. Littles live for Christmas, and the countdown has already begun. It’s a little different for us adults, isn’t it?

Sometimes adults get jaded over the whole month-long extravaganza, tired of the lights, tired of the traffic, tired of buying presents. Me? I wait for Thanksgiving night with bated breath, because we always put up our tree after the afternoon feast. I love Christmas. Every part of it.

I hope your business loves Christmas, too! Here are some ideas to boost your December sales:

  • Create a gift guide
  • Put together a video for customers to see when they walk in or on your site
  • Share a secret recipe
  • Make a must list for your niche
  • Host a giveaway
  • Review a product

Here’s an idea for generating more December sales: Post a special in the comments below this blog. Then post the blog on Facebook and tell your friends and customers to look for your special in the comments.

When they contact you with those special words, they receive your posted special. What a fun way to generate sales without being salesy, right? Let us never forget, we’re building relationships, not making sales.

Then find a way to give. Adopt a family in need. Put some extra cash in a bell ringer’s bucket. Take a week of groceries to an unemployed family. Involve the family and generate good will. Christmas will take on a whole new meaning for you, I promise.