Read a Good Book: My Top 5 Picks for Holiday Reading

In Chamber by Saralee Rhoads

two folded book pages forming heart

December culminates in a busy year crowned with holiday parties and Christmas cookies out the wazoo. Everyone needs a little time for hitting the reset button before plowing into a new year. Pick up a good book and relax.

Stillness is the Key, by Ryan Holiday

                In a world overrun by stress and just plain too much busyness, Ryan Holiday comes just in the nick of time with a piece on the value of being still. If you’re looking at a holiday of madness, include this in your bedside stack of essential holiday reading.

                Mr. Holiday looks at world leaders, world religions, artists and athletes to draw inspiration. What did they have in common? It was the ability to find stillness in the soul is not a matter of just doing less. It was a matter of being less. I hate to sound mystical here, but you’ll have to read this to discover for yourself how to let stillness put some New Year spring into your step.

Fast-Track Your Memoir in 45 Days, by Rachael Herron

I’ve talked to several of you who have expressed interest in writing your memoir. Do it! Ms. Herron is funny and she will not lead you astray. You may think you can’t craft a masterpiece, but what you write will be a masterpiece for your family. Our culture seems adrift, all too often cut off from the parents and grandparents and great grandparents whose stories connect us to our roots and teach us both heritage and life lessons. This is a way to reconnect.

Writing the story of you is not as daunting as it sounds, and the holiday season is a good time to start. Available on Kindle, she will take you through the steps and teach you the basics through explanations and writing exercises. Take some time each day to scribble down a story as you feel inspired and keep them in a notebook. Don’t worry about making the first draft perfect. Just write or dictate. If you need help further on, you can always hire a ghostwriter or editor to fine tune your rough draft. The point is simple: Just do it.

The Mother I Could Have Been, by Kerry Fisher

                Need a page turner? I’m not telling you anything about this book, except it’s available on Kindle for 99 cents. Yup. You want it.

The Mistletoe Game, by Bree Livingston

                If you like a squeaky clean romance, Bree does not disappoint. Her books are always finely crafted and she’s renowned for no steam and no bad language. It’s not a classic, but if you have a cold and feel like you’re down for the count, it’s comfortable reading curled up with an afghan and a cup of tea.

Welcome Home: The First 100 Days in Long Term Care, by Mike Hamilton

Some of you are visiting older parents this holiday and a sad truth is emerging. Your parent(s) may no longer be safe living at home. Mike has been a long-term care worker for many a year and he offers good tips to read before you are forced into rash action. His advice is both thought-provoking and heart calming. It’s short, but worth the read.