• Promote Your Business

    Every day at the Chamber office, we answer a wide range of phone calls from people looking for businesses to provide specific products and services. We also have many walk in customers looking for the same thing. In every way possible, we promote doing business with Chamber members. visit page for more details >

  • Connect Your Business

    The Chamber is a place where you create opportunities. By attending events, you have the opportunity to meet business and community leaders. There are currently more than 450 members of the Blue Springs Chamber who represent over 15,000 total employees in our area. visit page for more details >

  • Learn

    The Chamber’s greatest resource is its people, experienced business professionals. These are people you will want to and need to meet. Learn from them and grow your business through interactions. Share your story with others and help other businesses learn. visit page for more details >

  • Strengthen the Community

    By supporting businesses and helping them grow, we strengthen the community. The Chamber is a portal through which community information is shared. Chamber leaders are focused on promoting and supporting a strong economic environment. visit page for more details >

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