The Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce provides support geared towards business and professional development to its members through the Power Hour series. This program offers monthly seminars and workshops on topics to encourage business development, advance personal and professional growth, and increase community knowledge. Sessions are held on the third Tuesday of each month, 8:30am, at the Chamber office.

The goals of the Power Hour Series are to:

  • Provide Chamber members with opportunities for practical and up-to-date information and training on topics of interest to businesses.
  • Provide members, who have expertise and services in a particular subject matter, the opportunity to interact with other members and to increase their exposure in the community.
  • Provide “strictly business” focused networking opportunities with businesses.
  • Provide referrals to Chamber members who provide more in-depth education on business topics.

Below are some upcoming Power Hour Series details:

February 19, 2019

The Cohesive Leadership Playbook

Are you leading from the huddle or directing from the sidelines? Would your team agree with your answer? 
You can adapt your leadership style to a changing economy and to a workforce that wants to work with you, not just for you. In the Cohesive Leadership Playbook, you will:

  • Unflinching evaluate your business using the concept of “Auto Focus”
  • Find out how to empower your team to happily embrace new technologies
  • Compare where you’re at now with where you need to be in order to lead the group
  • Identify how the “us” in a business plan can create buy-in and long term benefits
  • Map out a decision-making process that’s both flexible and rational

 This is a session ready to re-inspire you with leadership’s possibilities –and a Playbook to show you the ways. 

 Karel Murray’s extensive business experience in community leadership and her professional consulting and speaking background combine for an incredible attendee experience.  Karel’s memorable energy and impactful insight about personal accountability and success will inspire the leader in you. An accomplished writer and humorist, Karel is the author of Straight Talk: Getting Off the Curb, Hitting Our Stride: Women, Work and What Matters, Conquering the Witch Within: Intergenerational Work Place Strategies that Create Real Results, The Language of Intent: How Self Talk Transforms Outcomes.

March 19, 2019

Growing Leaders in Your Organization

Do you need leaders for your organization?  Why not grow them from within?  Learn effective coaching, communication and team building skills to help you develop the team you already have. Other leadership and supervisory skills including motivation and leading change will also be discussed.  

Lisa LaCombe is the Manager for Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center in Blue Springs, Missouri.  Lisa has been in Blue Springs for 18 years and works with 10 employees and 60 volunteers.

April 16, 2019

Identity Performance and Behavior Training Opportunities

Description: How to identify performance and/or behavior training opportunities to help with workplace efficiency. In this session, employers will learn about the general types of performance and behavior challenges that can occur in the workplace, the steps to evaluate opportunities to correct these challenges, recordkeeping, and follow-up.

Laura Sipes is a principal with L&M Consulting, an HR consulting and services firm that helps companies develop and manage Human Resources functions. With nearly 20 years in HR management roles with private, public, and nonprofit organizations, her focus is on helping small- and medium-sized companies with their Human Resource needs. Her background includes a baccalaureate degree in Human Resources from Syracuse University and an MBA with a second Masters in Organization/Management’s Human Resource track from the University of Colorado at Denver. The firm specializes in all aspects of HR – from hiring, compensation and benefits, assessment, and retention to training, safety, workers comp, disciplinary actions, terminations, federal compliance and auditing, affirmative action, and government contracting and reporting.