The Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce provides support geared towards business and professional development to its members through the Power Hour series. This program offers monthly seminars and workshops on topics to encourage business development, advance personal and professional growth, and increase community knowledge. Sessions are held on the third Tuesday of each month, 8:30am, at the Chamber office.

The goals of the Power Hour Series are to:

  • Provide Chamber members with opportunities for practical and up-to-date information and training on topics of interest to businesses.
  • Provide members, who have expertise and services in a particular subject matter, the opportunity to interact with other members and to increase their exposure in the community.
  • Provide “strictly business” focused networking opportunities with businesses.
  • Provide referrals to Chamber members who provide more in-depth education on business topics.

Below are some upcoming Power Hour Series details:

 February 20, 2018

Situational Leadership

This presentation will give business owners, managers, or even community leaders the ability to meet employees or organization members on their level, and motivate them according to their individual skills and ability. It’s based on the idea that people are different, and a cookie cutter approach is not always the most effective. The presentation will involve technical information, real life examples, and audience participation to allow attendees to walk away with tangible tools to apply to their field. 

Chris Lievsay earned his associate degree at the Metropolitan Community Colleges, went on to complete his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Master of Business Administration at Columbia College, and a Master of Education from WGU-MissouriLievsay is an educator who works as part of the Business Faculty at Western Governors University as a Student Mentor for Graduate Business students. He also substitute teaches for the Blue Springs School District, and as adjunct faculty for Park University and Columbia College.

He has a wide range of experience and extensive involvement in the community, serving on the Board of Directors for the School of Economics, Past Chairman of the Public Safety Citizens Advisory Board, Past President of the Blue Springs Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association, and Second Vice-President of the Blue Springs Historical Society. He also is a graduate of the Blue Springs Chamber of Commerce Leadership Class, the CJCFPD Citizens Fire Academy, the BSPD Citizens Police Academy, and participates in the Blue Springs Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) program. Outside of Blue Springs, Lievsay is Chair of the Kansas/Missouri Bi-State Commission, a Local Board Member for the US Selective Service System, and on the Board of Directors for Columbia College Alumni Association.

Lievsay was elected to serve on the City Council for District 2 in 2010 in Blue Springs, where he lives with his wife, Grace. They have two young children, Benjamin and Emily.

 March 20, 2018

Millenial Employees– How to Hire and Work with Them

Attend this session for a good overview of the specific characteristics of the millennial age group in terms of how they perform and interact in a work environment. Addressed in this session:

  • What kind of longevity is typical for a millennial employee at a given job (i.e., expected turnover rates)?
  • What kind of benefits do they prefer most?
  • What kind of attitudes do they bring to the job related to work ethic, customer service, company loyalty, supervisory styles, etc.?
  • Are they task or time oriented?
  • How does their immersion in technology impact their job performance?
  • What personal values are important to them that would have an impact on the types of jobs they seek?
  • How do they view professional training/development and career advancement?
  • What can a prospective employer do to cultivate a positive working environment for millennials?

Andy Mayfield is an Assistant Principal at Blue Springs South High School.  He is in his 2nd year as an administrator in the Blue Springs School District as an Assistant Principal at BSSHS.  Previously he was a business/marketing teacher at Blue Springs South High School and coached football, basketball and baseball.  Andy has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance, a Master’s of Arts in Teaching, and a Specialist Degree in School Administration.

 April 17, 2018

Preventing Harassment in the Workplace

The guidelines for work behavior are outlined in the employee handbook.  These guidelines relate to internet usage, email correspondence, company credit card usage, harassment, etc.  Why are these guidelines on ethics and harassment important to your employer.  How do you set a standard of ethical behavior and integrity?  Attend this class in order to:

  • Learn definitions of harassment and ethics in the workplace
  • Practice enforcing policies with real work scenarios
  • Know the steps to report harassment
  • Discuss and establish consequences and solutions to ethical dilemmas in the workplace

This session is presented by Kim Brody of Core Insights Training Programs.  Core Insights’ mission is to create “aha” experiences that translate into actionable items that take organizations and individuals to new levels of lasting transformations. 

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